Thank you for taking the time to read about becoming a member of KOLMAR
. Here at Kolmar, we pride ourselves in adding value to our memberships by making them more affordable and offering more. 

Our membership is $20 for a single  membership annually.

As a vauled member of Kolmar we incorporate the local community to give our members an array of discounts. Our card entitles you to get discounts at our bar and bistro, as well as reduced rates to use our sporting facilities. 

Bistro Benefits

Each week in the bar, members exclusively receive their own discounts through beverage offers. You can ask our bar staff which discount we have on for you that night. 

How do we keep you up to date?

Our newsletter is sent out every week and contains up and coming events, what is going on in the bar and bistro along with any congraulartory sporting achievements. The newsletter is a great way to find out what has been going on not only in the sport you love but also with our 13 other clubs.  If you wish to be added to the Newsletter mailing list Please email 

As Kolmar continues to grow hopefully benefits for our members will too. We will continute to do our best to offer discounts as our members support continues.

We hope you enjoy being a member of Kolmar. If you have any suggestions please contact us.