burger king Choose Sport is an initiative of the KOLMAR Charitable Trust that provides financial assistance to children and young adults to take part in club sport who would otherwise not participate because of financial hardship.

The funding is limited to children and young people who are members or intend to be members of Sports Clubs based in Papatoetoe that are registered to the Burger King Choose Sport initiative.

burger king Choose Sport provides grants for the following:


It is possible to apply for the fees associated with joining a Sports Club in Papatoetoe if you are joining for the first time or have been a member for less than 2 seasons.


Equipment and Clothing

It is possible to apply for the costs of equipment and clothing that is required and essential to play the sport. This can include rugby boots, shoes, hockey sticks, mouth guards etc.  Equipment that is readily available and usually supplied by the club is not included ie. Cricket and softball bats, balls etc.

To be eligible for a grant you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be between the ages of 5 and 18 years old.
  • Be a member of, or intend to join a Papatoetoe Sports Club listed as registered to the Burger King Choose Sport initiative.
  • Intend on being a member of the club for an on-going basis, either a year or season.
  • Be referred by a Sports Club, School, Local Board or Local Board member. 
  • Have a genuine financial need as determined by the approved referrer.
  • If applying for Fees, you must be joining the club for the first time or have been a member for less than 2 seasons.

How to apply for a burger king Choose Sport grant:
Applications are only accepted from an approved referrer. This helps to ensure that grants are helping the right people. The easiest way to apply is by going directly to the club you wish to join. They must fill out a burger king Choose Sport application form which is available online. All applications must be signed by the applicant’s parents(s) or guardian and a Choose Sport referrer before being sent to the KOLMAR Charitable Trust. A letter will then be sent to the referrer notifying them of the outcome.

burger king Choose Sport FAQ’s

Burger King Choose Sport grants are for children and young people in situations of financial hardship. To help ensure that financial hardship is genuine we only take referrals from organisations/people that we trust. This allows the Trust to stay neutral and not have to make any judgements about applicant’s personal situations.

Burger King Choose Sport grants are only intended to cover the cost of entry to a sport therefore don’t expect too much money. In most cases the amount will be limited to membership fees for the season and footwear or other essential equipment.

Individuals can apply up to twice a year. This allows you to play winter and summer sport at a local club. Please note that just because you were successful in a previous application does not guarantee approval for secondary applications.

The number of grants approved will be dependent on the available funding as we rely on sponsorship to fund ‘Burger King Choose Sport’. This means that you may meet the criteria but not have your application approved.

Where you have applied for fees, the money will be paid directly to the Sports club you intend on joining. Where you have applied for equipment, you will be provided with a voucher or the equipment. 

To register please contact nikki@kolmar.org.nz and ask for a Burger King Choose Sport Club membership form.

The club may be required to provide a range of information to confirm its club status and identify the individuals involved in running the club. There is a small cost of $250 per annum for registration and pays for the administration of the initiative.

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